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At SRT Environmental, we believe in doing the things in life that are important to you.

Imagine having the chance to own a business with a proven and accepted system.

Imagine the opportunity to build your business with exceptional support.

Imagine providing a service that is in high-demand and offers a healthy living resolution to those in your community.  

The SRT Environmental Specialized Radon Technicians® franchise is offering the opportunity to fulfill that dream. We are looking for energetic, self-motivated individuals to become part of our growing Franchise family. If you are ready to go after your dream, then we are ready to help.

Expand Business Opportunity



The advantages of this type of expansion are numerous for your already established business. As an existing entrepreneur, you get another profit center with far less risk and work than what would normally be involved in starting a new business. We already have a strong brand presence in the industry and a turnkey operation set up for new franchisees. CLICK HERE for more information.

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Franchising 101

A Franchise system is built around the Brand. A Franchise allows the Franchisee to use the proven track record and processes of that Brand.

Be in business for yourself… not by yourself. 

Franchising is a well-accepted business structure. It allows the Franchisee to build a business that fits into their lifestyle while attaining personal goals. The reasons to consider a Franchise are many.

  • Fast Startup Timeframe−Franchising offers the advantage of starting a new business quickly based on a proven business formula.

  • Grow the Business Quickly−With the assistance of expert Franchisor provided support teams, plus a proven marketing strategy; Franchisees are able to develop their franchise business to a higher level in less growth time.

  • Valuable Training−“Grow as you go” businesses may face more challenges while experimenting along the way with trial and error. Franchisors offer training and guidance which are important factors to quick growth.

SRT Environmental is an easy-to-operate franchise choice. Call us today!



The gross domestic product of the franchise sector is projected to rise by 5.1 percent this year, which is faster than the 4.9 percent GDP increase forecasted for the economy as a whole. The franchise sector will contribute about 3 percent of the U.S. GDP in 2015. ~ IHS Economics Prepared for IFA, January 2015 


Franchise with Us

At SRT Environmental we stand out within the On-Site Radon Service Industry by offering an exemplary system at an affordable price point to the consumer. We take pride in consistently receiving positive consumer comments, continued customer growth and retention. We are the franchise opportunity of choice.

Proven Systems−In our community, far and wide, we are the "GO TO" Service for Radon Testing and Mitigation Services. We created our business to meet the needs of our friends, neighbors and community. We create a safe environment in which we all can work, live and play.

Our Services are in Heavy Demand−Radon is being released into the air we breathe and the water we drink. As heavy metals decay, radon gas is created and released. In addition, Oil Fracking is releasing radon at an accelerated rate−offering a much needed service meeting consumer demand.

Use your Skills−Our franchise model is designed for the hands-on individual, as well as, the investor. In general, a territory may be operated from a basic office set used to prepare job quotes, manage small crew(s), order supplies and scheduling jobs.

  • For the Hands-On Individual: Basic mechanical skills are a plus; however, installation skills will be taught during training. Office support may be required to assist with bookkeeping tasks.

  • For the Investor: They may choose to hire management and labor enabling them to service larger territories.

As a Franchisee
−Your business is your own with a supportive team to guide you. As an SRT Environmental Franchisee you will be providing an invaluable service to your community, reducing radon exposure.

  • An SRT Environmental Franchisee can realize below average equipment and startup costs.

As an SRT Environmental Franchisee you can live your dream on your terms.

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SRT Environmental has created the Brand, the System, and the Support to help people from diversified educational, vocational and financial backgrounds take control of their own future and live the American Dream.

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